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Ultrasonic oscillation system for dimension working

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TitleUltrasonic oscillation system for dimension working
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKhmelev, V. N., R. V. Barsukov, S. N. Tsyganok, I. I. Savin, and E. V. Chipurin
Application Number2250814
Keywordsbrittle material, drilling, rotadriling, saphire, UOS
FIELD: stationary and portable apparatuses for forming vertical, horizontal or inclined holes in glass, concrete, ceramics, stone or similar materials.
SUBSTANCE: ultrasonic oscillation system is subjected to rotation and abrasive suspension is fed under pressure through center of working tool. Novelty is contact free inductive transmission of energy from generator to electrodes of rotating piezoelectric transducer.
EFFECT: high velocity of dimension working, possibility for making deep holes.