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Ultrasonic Oscillating System for Radiators of Gas Media

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TitleUltrasonic Oscillating System for Radiators of Gas Media
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsLebedev, A. N., A. V. Shalunov, S. S. Khmelev, N. V. Kuchin, and A. V. Shalunova
Conference NameIntrnational Workshops and Tutorials on Electron Devices and Materials EDM'2008
Conference LocationNovosibirsk
ISBN Number978-5-7782-0893-3
Keywordsacoustic radiator for gas media, calculation, coagulation, defoamers, defoaming, drying, highintensity ultrasound, multi-element transducer, radiation ultrasound in gas mediums, stepped-plate radiators, UOS

In article the new construction of the multiple-unit piezoelectric transducer with the increased output power and a disk radiator, which has a refined thermal mode is offered. The designing procedure of bending vibration disk radiators is described. The developed constructions are implemented; their technical characteristics and functionality are explored.