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Combined Ultrasonic Welder of Polymeric Containers

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TitleCombined Ultrasonic Welder of Polymeric Containers
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsTsyganok, S. N., R. V. Barsukov, A. N. Slivin, and A. D. Abramov
Conference NameIntrnational Workshops and Tutorials on Electron Devices and Materials EDM'2008
Conference LocationNovosibirsk
ISBN Number1815-3712
Keywordscombined welder, hemocontainer, polymer, polymeric container, thermoplastics, welding, welding equipment

Procedure of collection, processing and storage of donor blood preparations in conditions of medical institutions is connected with necessity of reliable hermetic sealing of polymeric container. To solve this problem combined ultrasonic welder is developed, which provides a juncture of high quality about 8 mm in width. As temperature of ultrasonic welding is below melting point of the polymeric material, it excludes excretion of harmful substances in donor blood and an environment.