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Cellular ground surface consolidation grid production method

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TitleCellular ground surface consolidation grid production method
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsKhmelev, V. N., S. N. Tsyganok, A. N. Slivin, R. V. Barsukov, S. V. Levin, and A. D. Abramov
Application Number2322551
Keywordsgeo-grids, giminey, welding, welding equipment
FIELD: construction and welding, particularly to produce ground consolidation grid having cellular structure with the use of ultrasonic thermoplastic polymeric material welding.
SUBSTANCE: method involves connecting thermoplastic polymeric material strips with linear weld seams arranged in staggered order by ultrasonic welding, wherein ultrasonic action is applied on 22-24 kHz working frequency with oscillation amplitude not less than 30 mum with the use of piezoelectric oscillation system having end with working blade; continuously controlling electric piezoelectric oscillation system parameters to set optimal ultrasonic welding duration on the base of said parameter change. To create staggered weld seams strips are serially laid on two independent stepped supports having reversible weld backing plates in seam creation areas. Then weld seams are formed to connect the first two strips.; After the first two strips connection lower support is placed on upper strip surface, the next strip is laid on the support and weld seams are made between the third and the second strips. After weld seam forming in two following strips the support is placed on welded strip surface and the next strip is laid thereon to connect predetermined number of strips with each other.
EFFECT: elimination of prior art defects, possibility to avoid simultaneous connection of more than two strips with welding parameter control, provision of staggered weld seam pattern and increased weld connection strength.