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Apparatus for presowing treatment of seeds

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TitleApparatus for presowing treatment of seeds
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKhmelev, V. N., A. N. Lebedev, and B. S. Kotov
Application Number2285385
Keywordstreatment of seeds
FIELD: plant growing, in particular, growing of plants through irradiation of one plants by means of other plants.
SUBSTANCE: apparatus has chamber made in the form of body having section defined by two similar ellipses. Said ellipses intersect one another so that one of focuses is single for both the ellipses. Two volumes of radiation transmitting material are provided within said chamber, said volumes being adapted for placing of seeds-emitters and seeds-receivers. One of volumes is made spherical and is located within focus single for both the ellipses and other volume is made in the form of toroid extending along line of second focuses of said ellipses. Shape and arrangement of volumes made from radiation transmitting material allow capability of irradiation of seeds to be increased.; Also, seeds to be irradiated may be treated using number of kinds of seeds-emitters.
EFFECT: wider operational capabilities and increased efficiency of apparatus.