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Patent RU № 2141386 «Ultrasonic oscillation system»

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Патент РФ № 2141386 «Ультразвуковая колебательная система»

Inventor: Barsukov R.V.; Khmelev V.N.; Tsyganok S.N.

Applicant: Biysk Technological Institute

Abstract: FIELD: ultrasonic oscillation systems, possibly in equipment designed for intensifying technological processes of making dispersion, solution, emulsion, extraction and so on.
SUBSTANCE: system allows to treat large surface area (more than 100 square mm) by high-amplitude ultrasonic oscillations due to providing high amplification (energy concentration) factor of oscillation system. It is achieved due to use of well known oscillation system in the form of body of revolution having two successively arranged and acoustically connected metallic cover plates and two piezoelectric members arranged between said cover plates. Generatrix of body of revolution of oscillation system is the form of continuous piecewise-smooth curve. Body of revolution includes three parts: first cylindrical portion with length l1, second portion with exponential or smooth radial change of cross section diameter and with length lz and third cylindrical portion with length l2. Piezoelectric members are arranged between exponential portion and end of reflective cover plate. Length values of portions are selected according to condition for providing maximum (or desired) amplification factor.
EFFECT: improved design.