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Ultrasonic machine-tool “Saphir-2”

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Ультразвуковой станок серии «Сапфир» Модель СУЗ-0,4/22-О

Model SUZ-0,4/22-M

Function: performing of through and blind holes of free-form in ceramics, glass, jewelry, semiconductors, ferrites, etc.
Application: ultrasonic dimensional processing of brittle and extremely hard materials in mechanical engineering, instrument engineering and in jewellery production.
The complete set has electronic generator, small-sized piezoelectric oscillating system and bedding . Oscillating system can be mounted on the bedding for vertical feeding or it can be used without bedding for holes performing in the vertical walls or hard-to-reach places.
The machine-tool can be completed with changeable working tools of various diameter and shape (according to the customer needs).
In the ultrasonic machine-tools patented technology was used Russian Federation patent № 2131794 и № 2141386.
For more information see also Vladimir N. Khmelev, Roman V. Barsukov, Sergey N. Tchyganok "Ultrasonic dimensional processing" (in Russian).