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Ultrasonic machine of “Sapphire” series

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Ультразвуковой станок для размерной обработки хрупких и особо твердых материалов «Сапфир»

Model SUZ 0.8/22-O

Functions: application of the relief drawings on the surface of brittle and hard materials (glass, stone, ceramics), performance of through and closed holes of different shapes.
Complete set: electronic generator with time register and output controller (10-100%), piezoelectric vibrating system in metal case with forced air cooling, ready-assembled holder, bath with cam clamp and three changed tools of different diameter and shape.

Specific feature of ultrasonic processing is in the directed destruction of processed material by beats of abrasive grains which are located between the material and the surface of the tool vibrating with ultrasonic frequency.
At the same time shapes and dimensions of the tool are copied in the processed material.
In ultrasonic machines patented engineering solutions (№ 2131794 and № 2141386) are used.
More information on ultrasonic dimensional processing you can find in the monograph “Ultrasonic Dimensional Processing of Materials” by Khmelev V.N., Barsukov R.V., Tsyganok S.N. (in Russian)

Main performance specifications:

Power, VA 800
Alternating-current line supply, V 220±22
Time of continuous running , 4 hours 4
Overall dimensions: electronic generator, mm 270x400x110
vibrating system, mm Ø80x300
Diameter of performed holes, mm from 1,5 to 50
Speed of processing (on glass), mm/min upto 5