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History of the laboratory

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The research laboratory of acoustic processes and devices of the Biysk Technological Institute was set up on the 24th of May, in 1994 by decision of the rector G.V. Leonov in order to develop ultrasonic technologies. V.N. Khmelev, PhD(Technical Science) is the research director of the laboratory.

The laboratory team includes the researchers of the Biysk Technological Institute, of the "Altay " research center, "Altaymedpribor", who have worked before on the problems of ultrasonic vibrations application in defensive industry.

The main goal is to apply existing ultrasonic technologies and create new ones for modern industrial production, small productions, agriculture and everyday life by developing new schematic and constructive solutions of ultrasonic generators, ultrasonic vibration systems, working tools, specialized and multifunctional devices designing, all these meeting up-to-date demands.

We design and produce different manufacturing equipment for different processes intensifying as well as for the processes which cannot be carried out by any other way.

Laboratory staff participates in the international project of designing the device for ultrasonic liposuction, together with the German company "ToMetric AG".

Besides the research work the laboratory is used in course of studies. The following practical and laboratory courses are conducted there "Ultrasonic technologies", "Electronics in instrument-making industry", "Acoustic electronics".

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