• We know of high efficiency of ultrasonic vibrations effect on different technological mediums, substances and products and we are ready to give you necessary information.
  • We know about the possibilities of creating new technologies and new substances on the basis of ultrasonic vibrations application and we are ready to offer you such technologies.
  • We know how to solve your technical problems and are able to help you by creating new technologies and equipment.
  • We know how to use ultrasonic devices most effectively and are ready to teach you.
  • If your technical problem has no evident solution then we are ready to study it as the investigation of the processes and search of new applications of ultrasonic vibrations promote our own development.

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На сайте размещена информации об исследовательской и научной деятельности в области создания и исследования ультразвуковых технологий и оборудования.

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