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Ultrasonic technological device “Volna-M2”

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Ультразвуковой технологический аппарат «Волна — M2»

Model USTA-1/22

Ultrasonic technological device “Volna” is intended for intensification of different technological processes due to ultrasonic liquid and liquid dispersed media processing (extraction, dispersion, emulsification, solution, cleaning, etc.). The device can be used at small-scale and medium productions, pharmaceutical firms, service centers.

In the electronic generator of the electric oscillation of ultrasonic frequency new circuit decisions and modern elemental basis were applied, which provide effectiveness increase of ultrasonic influence upon different technological media and let raise reliability of ultrasonic technological device.
On the front panel there are control elements and digital (numeric) indicator of operating modes. The electronic generator of the electric oscillation has automatic search system, keeping of resonance frequency and time register (switching on, interval effect adjustment, automatic switching off).
Ultrasonic vibrating system is made of corrosion-proof materials and has changeable working tool (removable radiating surface). Use of new technologies in vibrating system and tool provides amplitude increase of ultrasonic vibrations and enhancement of ultrasonic influence efficiency on technological media.

Performance specifications
AC power, V 220±22
Mechanical vibrations frequency, kHz 22±1,65
Power consumption, VA, no more than 1000
Emission surface diameter, mm 45
Vibration amplitude at the tool end, mcm, no less than 40
Output power range, % of maximum 5-100
Electronic generator overall dimensions, mm 500x270x100
Vibrating system overall dimensions, mm 280x80
Transforming of electrical vibrations into mechanical ones Piezo-effect
Volume processed, l up to 15