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Ultrasonic Phytomixer "Alena"

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Ультразвуковой фитомиксер «Алена»

Model USTA-0,15/22 

Phytomixer “Alena”, multifunctional ultrasonic device, is intended for natural medicines preparation at the small-lot pharmaceutical production (at the drugstores) and at home.

Phytomixer “Alena” provides preparation of medicines solutions (powdery and pelleted), production of medicinal herbs tinctures and extracts, and also preparation of medicinal ointments, oils, creams, aromatic emulsions. The action of the mixer is based on the acceleration of extraction, mixture and emulsification processing in the ultrasonic field. It is very important, that ultrasonic extraction can occur without medicine heating and boiling, that lets to preserve biological and medicinal value. Cavitation appearing in the liquid during the ultrasonic exposure is baneful for microorganisms contained in water.

In addition to medicines obtaining “Alena” lets you to carry out preplant seed treatment and disinfection, to weld plastic foils, to clean and remove fat from small items including jewelry, to dissolve paints, to increase accumulator energy content and many others.

Phytomixer “Alena” consists of the electric oscillation source (ultrasonic generator) and vibrating system, performing liquid processing. Vibrating system is joined to electronic unit with help of cable.

Phytomixer has a slide control of the output power and a time register, push-button control. Indication is digital.

Technical characteristics

AC power, V 220±22
Mechanical vibrations frequency, kHz 22±1.35
Power consumption, VA, no more 200
Transforming of electrical vibrations into mechanical ones Piezo-effect
Volumes processed, litre, not more 0.15-3

Electronic generator is multifunctional and it can be used in other ultrasonic devices, which has similar vibrating system (devices for injectors and valves washing and others).