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Ultrasonic equipment for polymer materials welding “Giminey-ultra”

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Ультразвуковое оборудование для сварки полимерных материалов «Гиминей-ультра»

Model AUS-0,2/22-M

Function: joining of structural parts and sheet materials by low-temperature ultrasonic welding.
Set of equipment contains electronic generator of electric oscillation of ultrasonic frequency with regulated output power, ultrasonic vibrating system in a case and changeable working tools.
Changeable working tools let get seam of various breadth and outline.
The advantages of ultrasonic welding

  • welding temperature is lower than melting point of the material (absence of thermal decomposition);
  • strength of the seam is 70% more than strength of the basic material;
  • dirt on the welding surfaces does not influence the quality of the seam.

Technical characteristics

Consumed power, VA 200
Welding sheet materials breadth, mm 0,01….5
Seam obtaining speed, mm/sec 1….10