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Ultrasonic equipment for polymer materials welding and cutting “Giminey-rezka”

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Аппарат ультразвуковой резки серии «Гиминей-Р» Модель АУР-0,2/22-ОС

Model AUS-0,2/22-M

Function: joining of structural parts and sheet materials by low-temperature ultrasonic welding and high-speed cutting of polymer materials. It is also possible to cut material with simultaneous meltback of its edge.
Complete set contains:electronic generator of electric oscillation of ultrasonic frequency with output control, two ultrasonic vibrating systems in the case and changeable working tools.

Ultrasonic cutting Ultrasonic welding

The advantages of ultrasonic welding:

  • welding temperature is lower than melting point of the material (absence of thermal decomposition);
  • strength of the seam is 70% more than strength of the basic material;
  • dirt on the welding surfaces does not influence the quality of the seam.

The advantages of ultrasonic cutting:

  • utting acceleration in 5-10 times
  • cut force reduction in 2-3 times
  • meltback of polymer material edge

Technical characteristics

Consumed power, VA 200
Welding sheet materials breadth, mm 0,01….5
Seam obtaining speed, mm/sec 1….10
Maximum cutting speed, min/sec 0,4