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Ultrasonic device for sterile welding and segmentation of transfusion systems

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Ультразвуковой ручной запаиватель пластиковых контейнеров с компонентами крови Модель ЗУЗ-0,063/44-ОР

Model ZUZ-0,063/44-R

Function: Welding of tubes built in plastic containers, which are used for blood storage and processing.

The work of the system is based on ultrasonic low-temperature welding of thermo-setting materials. The welding is carried out by interception method without containers moving. Hand tool is used together with ultrasonic generator.
The beginning and the ending of hermetization is determined automatically.
In the ultrasonic device patented technologies were used Russian Federation patent №2141386, 2171669, 2192375.

Performance specifications

Whole cycle of hermetization, sec, no more than 4
Working tool weight (without cable), gr 160
Electronic generator and hand tool weight, kg 1,0
Power, W, no less than 50
Maximum external diameter of welding tube, mm 6