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The ultrasonic device “Nadezhda”

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Ультразвуковой аппарат «НАДЕЖДА»

Model UZP-0.25/27-O

Functions: intensification of processes in the interface of solid – liquid in the contact mode (impregnation of wood and other porous materials with protective and decorative substances, surface cleaning, gluing of sheet materials and fabrics, application of lubricants and coatings to reduce the friction, the increase of meta products quality, cavitational treatment of of liquid media in thin layer and many others)..
Complete set: electronic generator with time register and output controller (10-100%), piesoelectric vibrating system in metal case.
Main performance specifications:
Power, VA 100
Alternating-current line supply, V 220±22
Intensity, W/ cm2, no less than 5
Time of the continious running, hour, no more than 1
Overall dimensions: electronic generator, mm 230х200х80
vibrating system, mm Ø95х95
Vibration system weight, kg 1,5