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Ultrasonic device for car engine injectors cleaning "Kristall"

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Ультразвуковой аппарат серии «Кристалл» Модель УЗОИ-0,4/22-О

Model UZOI-0.4/22

Function: valves and injectors cleaning of car engines from carbon deposit and dirt. The device let simultaneously clean up to 4 injectors.

Owners of service centers, this information is for you.

Do you need reliable and cheap technology of car engine injectors and valves cleaning?
So, you need our ultrasonic technological device for car engine injectors and valves cleaning, which provides 100% reconditioning of all kinds of injectors. The technology of ultra sonic cleaning is considered to be the most effective and advanced nowadays.
Our technology and equipment let clean internal surfaces removing dirt by high-intensity ultrasound.
With the help of our equipment and ordinary solvents you will recondition injector with any fouling factor in 5-15 minutes and you will increase its working efficiency up to rated value.
For ultrasonic cleaning special equipment is offered, which consists of electronic generator and vibrating system with the bath for cleaning fluid