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Suite of equipment for ultrasonic welding of thermoplastic materials “Giminey-ultra-2”

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Комплект оборудования для ультразвуковой сварки термопластичных материалов «Гиминей-ультра 2»

Model AUS-0.4/22-M

Function: high-speed joining of polymer materials by low-temperature ultrasonic welding.
Complete set contains electronic generator of electric oscillation of ultrasonic frequency with output control, two ultrasonic vibrating systems in the case and changeable working tools, which are different in breadth of working radiating surface.
Changeable tools provide forming of sealed total seams of different shape and breadth.

Technical characteristics

Consumed power, VA 400
Maximum breadth of welding sheet materials, mm 10
Welding speed (if thickness of the material achieves 200 mkm), м/с 1