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Device of ultrasonic injector cleaning “Altay”

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Ультразвуковой аппарат серии «Кристалл» Модель УЗОИ-0,63/22-О

Model UZOI-0,63/22-O

Function: valves and injectors cleaning of car engines from carbon deposit and dirt. The device let simultaneously clean up to 6 injectors.

New technology of ultrasonic cleaning of injectors, valves, plugs and other engine components.

For the first time high-amplitude ultrasonic cleaning of fine stretched channels was realized. Even reconditioning of wall surface in the channel is provided, which is not possible with an ordinary ultrasonic washer. The choice of the optimal ultrasonic exposure (action, effect) and one of the four operating regime guarantees 100% injector reconditioning with any fouling factor. Special fair-sized diameter emitter lets clean up to 6 injectors simultaneously by the means of household dissolvent (without special washing chemicals) during 15 minutes.

Technical characteristics

Consumed power, VA, no more than 630
Number of simultaneously processed injectors, pieces 6
Electronic generator size, mm, no more than 300x260x310
Operating frequency, kHz 22
Weight, kg, no more than 15