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Ultrasonic technological device “Bulava-PS”

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Аппарат ультразвуковой проточный серии «Булава-П» Модель УЗАП-3/22-ОПСт

Model UTA-1000-3-PS

Function: Ultrasonic device is intended for high-intensity cavitational liquid and liquid dispersed media processing in a thin layer between emanating surface of the half-wave titanium emitter and interior wall of the technological volume in a running mode. It can be used for intensification of emulsification, homogenization, extraction, sterilization, concitation, dispersion, degasification processing etc.

The device is completed with special technological transparent glass vessel, which helps to control and study intensified processes in industry and at the research laboratories.

Production output depends on the current task.

Technical characteristics

Consumed power, VA, no more than 3000
AC power, V 220±22
Mechanical vibrations frequency, kHz 22±1.65
Time of the continuous running, hour, no more than 8
Ultrasonic emission intensity, W/cm2, no less than 10